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Rehabilitation of Frederick is a Maryland-based driving rehabilitation program offering a full range of comprehensive driving rehabilitation services in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.


Your driving rehabilitation specialist, Timothy Jones, is a specialist in the field of community mobility and driving and has advanced training to provide driving rehabilitation services to individuals with complex disabilities.


We complete a thorough driving evaluation assessing the individual's vision, visual perception skills, physical disability, and cognitive functioning for the task of driving.


Our services include a clinical and behind-the-wheel evaluation in adaptive vehicles to evaluate an individual's potential to drive. We provide services across the lifespan from novice to experienced drivers with disabilities.


Rehabilitation of Frederick operates out of our office located in Frederick, MD providing us with various resources for testing in three different adaptive vehicles.

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  • Adaptive Driver Evaluation ▿


    Adaptive driver evaluations are completed at our Frederick, Maryland office  with a primary goal to evaluate an individuals disability and the implication for driving.  An adaptive driver evaluation will begin with clinical testing to obtain an occupational profile and identify vehicle modification needs.  The evaluation will determine adaptive driving potential and establish a plan of care after a comprehensive evaluation has been completed.  A plan of care will address  a number of areas including state licensing requirements, adaptive driver training requirements, vehicle consultation services, vendor selection, vehicle prescription, final fitting inspection, and license restrictions.  Adaptive driver evaluations are individualized with an attempt to regain independence using state of the art adaptive technology.

  • Drivers Education for individuals with Disabilities ▿


    Rehabilitation of Frederick is a Maryland MVA Certified Drivers Education program. We are licensed and certified to teach the Maryland standardized curriculum for novice drivers with special needs.  Rehabilitation of Frederick works with commercial driving schools across the state to provide adaptive BTW drivers education for all disabilities including adaptive car, adaptive van, and adaptive truck needs. A restricted Learners Permit is required to provide services as part of the graduated license system requirement for the state of Maryland.

  • Vehicle Modification Fitting & Training ▿


    Rehabilitation of Frederick works with each consumer and their chosen mobility vendor to provide appropriate fitting and functional inspections following adaptive training.  A final fitting inspection is required as part of a comprehensive adaptive driving plan of care.  The final fitting is to ensure that all industry standards have been met and the vehicle prescription has been followed to meet the individuals adaptive driving needs.  Follow up training is often required for high tech driving systems prior to final delivery to make sure any necessary adjustments are made prior to independent driving.

  • Driver Safety Evaluations ▿


    Driver safety evaluations are completed at Rehabilitation of Frederick to evaluate a consumers ability to continue or resume driving.  This is an ever popular evaluation consisting of clinical and behind the wheel testing to determine if community mobility is an achievable goal.  Driver safety evaluations are provided for individuals who are experiencing mild cognitive impairment, recovery of stroke/TIA, recent hospitalization, or a number of disabilities including vision, visual perceptual, neuromuscular, and cognitive disabilities. The Driver Safety Evaluation program is a very popular program to identify if a consumer can continue to drive or resume driving following a hospitalization or rehabilitation stay.

  • Vehicle Consultation Services ▿


    Rehabilitation of Frederick does provide vehicle consultation services to identify or select an appropriate vehicle or assistive device to meet an individuals needs.  Vehicle consultation services include identifying a vehicle that could possibly meet the consumers needs based on appropriate measurements, placement of controls, and the ability to stow an assistive device.  Vehicle consultation services include phone conversations, clinical appointments, mobility team meetings, and transportation to and from vendors and various dealers or wheelchair manufacturers.

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